Taung Kalat

Coordinates: 20°55′46.6″N 95°12′30.7″E / 20.929611°N 95.208528°E / 20.929611; 95.208528
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Taung Kalat
LocationMandalay Region, Myanmar
Geographic coordinates20°55′46.6″N 95°12′30.7″E / 20.929611°N 95.208528°E / 20.929611; 95.208528

Taung Kalat (Burmese: ပုပ္ပါးတောင်ကလပ်) is a Buddhist monastery and temple complex located on Mount Popa in Mandalay Region, Myanmar. The site is built on a tall volcanic plug, and is one of several prominent nat spiritual sites in the vicinity of nearby Mount Popa.


The temple complex is located on top of a 225-metre-tall (737 ft) volcanic plug;[1] this rock formation was formed by geologic activity around Mount Popa, an inactive volcano. The site is a popular pilgrimage destination, and is considered a source of nat spiritual energy.[2] The 777[3] steps leading up to the monastery were once maintained by U Khandi, a famous Burmese hermit.[1]

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