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Taunton Deane Services
M5 at Taunton.jpg
General view from the M5
Taunton Deane services is located in Somerset
Taunton Deane services
Taunton Deane services (Somerset)
County: Somerset
Road: M5 Motorway
Coordinates: 50°58′35″N 3°08′48″W / 50.976477°N 3.146572°W / 50.976477; -3.146572Coordinates: 50°58′35″N 3°08′48″W / 50.976477°N 3.146572°W / 50.976477; -3.146572
Operator: RoadChef
Website: http://www.roadchef.com/home.asp

Taunton Deane services is a double sided motorway service station on the M5 motorway near Taunton, England. It is owned by RoadChef.


The services are located between junctions 25 and 26 of the M5 motorway in Somerset. There are two sites, one for each direction connected by a walk bridge. After a spate of suicides by hanging, the bridge had anti-suicide bars installed.[1]


The services were notorious in the early 2000s for its poor cleanliness rating. In general, the southbound side receives better ratings than the northbound side. In 2012, the Food Standards Agency gave both sides a rating of 5,[2] showing that they have improved.

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