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Taupo District Council
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Founded 1989 (1989)

The Taupo District Council is a territorial authority that administers the Taupo District in the Central North Island of New Zealand. The district stretches from the small town of Mangakino in the northwest to the Tongariro National Park in the south, and east into the Kaingaroa Forest, covering 6,970 km2 (including Lake Taupo). It had a population of 36,200 as of the June 2016.[1]

Regional Councils[edit]

The district falls within the jurisdiction of four different regional councils; however the vast majority (73.74% by land area) of the district falls within the jurisdiction of Environment Waikato. The exceptions are the towns of Rangitaiki (14.31% of the district's land area), which lies within the Bay of Plenty Region, Taharua (11.26%), which lies within the Hawke's Bay region, and Te More (0.69%), which lies within the Manawatu-Wanganui Region. Taupo is unique in being the only district in New Zealand so divided; no other district is divided between/among more than two regions, and most are not divided at all.


The District has three wards - Taupo-Kaingaroa, Turangi-Tongariro and Mangakino-Pouakani and is represented by the Mayor and ten Councillors.


The areas of Taupo and Kaingaroa are administered by the Taupo District Council.

Taupo District


The areas of Mangakino and Pouakani are administered by the Taupo District Council. The area is also represented by the Mangakino Pouakani Representation Group which has a total of six members including three Councillors.


The areas of Turangi and Tongariro are administered by the Taupo District Council under delegated authority to the Turangi Tongariro Community Board.

The area is represented at Council by two district Councillors and together with six elected Community Board members, the ward has a total of eight members. Following the 2007 review, Turangi Tongariro lost one district Councillor.


The district has 10 councillors and a mayor.


The Mayor of Taupo is the head of the municipal government, and presides over the District Council. The Mayor is directly elected using a first-past-the-post electoral system. The office was established on 1 December 1989, after the formation of the District Council.

There have been four mayors to date:



  • Cr Barry Hickling (Deputy Mayor)
  • Cr Anna Park (née Kirk)
  • Cr Rosie Harvey
  • Cr John Williamson
  • Cr John Boddy
  • Cr Bernhard Chrustowski
  • Cr Roseanne Jollands


  • Kirsty Trueman

Turangi Tongariro[edit]

  • Cr Maggie Stewart
  • Cr Zane Cozens

Turangi/Tongariro Community Board[edit]

  • Tangonui (Tong) Kingi - Chairman
  • Mary Smallman - Deputy Chairman
  • Cr Maggie Stewart
  • Cr Zane Cozens
  • Chris Te Whare
  • Wally Van der Aa
  • Te Takinga New


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