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Taupō Swamp is an approximately 25-hectare (61.7 acres) lowland freshwater swamp, classified as a topogeneous mire, located three kilometres (1.8 miles) north of Plimmerton and 20 kilometres north-northeast of Wellington City, New Zealand. Taupō Swamp is home to largely indigenous vegetation including sedges, flax, ferns, shrubs, herbaceous plants, and grasses.[1] The swamp is visible from State Highway 1 and the North Island Main Trunk railway.


In the late 1800s flax was harvested out of the swamp and milled in Foxton, and continued until the mid 1900s.[2]


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Coordinates: 41°05′S 174°52′E / 41.083°S 174.867°E / -41.083; 174.867