Lake Tauragnas

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Lake Tauragnas
Tauragnas lake near Tauragnai
Coordinates55°26′17″N 25°52′47″E / 55.43806°N 25.87972°E / 55.43806; 25.87972Coordinates: 55°26′17″N 25°52′47″E / 55.43806°N 25.87972°E / 55.43806; 25.87972
Basin countriesLithuania
Surface area5.13 km2 (1.98 sq mi)
Average depth18.7 m (61 ft)
Max. depth62.1 m (204 ft)

Tauragnas is the deepest lake in Lithuania reaching 62.5 metres of depth. The surface area is 5.13 km² and average depth 18.7 m. It is situated in Aukštaitija National Park near Tauragnai in Utena County. This is also a lake with the highest altitude (above sea level) in Lithuania.

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