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Taurene parish (Latvian: Taurenes pagasts) is an administrative unit of the Vecpiebalga Municipality, Latvia and one of the 5 parishes in this municipality. Before the administrative reform of 2009, the Taurene parish was one of the 475 parishes in Latvia and one of the 21 parishes in the former Cēsis District. Taurene is located in a hilly region. Land use consists mostly of agriculture, forests and lakes. The regional road P30 runs through Taureme.

Towns, villages and settlements[edit]

Hamlets in the Taurene parish are:

  • Andreni
  • Banuzi
  • Brezgis
  • Jeruzi
  • Lodes Muiza
  • Mezrijas
  • Nekins
  • Runtes
  • Taurene
  • Zalkalns

Lakes and rivers[edit]

The Gauja river flows through Taurene.

In the Taurene parish are a number of lakes located:

  • Banuzu ezers
  • Brenkuzu ezers
  • Dabaru dikis
  • Daboru ezers
  • Ilzes Lodes ezers
  • Kalenites ezers
  • Rijas ezers
  • Stupenu ezers
  • Taurenes ezers
  • Zelleskaina dikis


The Nekina Manor is located in Nekins.[1]

In Taurene the Dutch environmental organization ARK is involved in a natural grazing project. In 2008 ARK introduced a herd of Konik horses to a privately owned piece of land. In 2012 seven of the horses of this herd were moved to a new grazing project in Ranka.[2]


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Coordinates: 57°09′08″N 25°39′47″E / 57.15222°N 25.66306°E / 57.15222; 25.66306