Taurupe Manor

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Taurupe Manor
Taurupe manor.jpg
General information
Architectural styleNeo-Gothic
Town or cityTaurupe parish
Clientvon Transe family
Design and construction
ArchitectVilhelms Bokslafs

Taurupe Manor (Latvian: Taurupes muižas pils) is a manor house in the historical region of Vidzeme, in northern Latvia. Originally built after 1724, it was rebuilt in Tudor Neo-Gothic style around 1900 according to a design by architect Vilhelms Bokslafs for the owner Baron von Transe. During the 1905 Russian revolution Baron von Transe was shot to death by local peasants, his manor vandalized and then put on the fire. When the structure was finally repaired, it lost most of its former architectural details. After 1938 it was used as a school building, currently housing the Taurupe secondary school. In the Soviet period a third storey was added after the previous second story roof suffered fire damage.

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