Tavče gravče

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Tavče gravče
Тавче гравче.jpg
Typical Macedonian tavče gravče
Course Main course
Place of origin Macedonia
Main ingredients Beans
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Tavče gravče (Macedonian: Тавче гравче) is a traditional Macedonian dish. It is prepared with fresh beans and it can be found in almost all restaurants in Macedonia and all over the Macedonian diaspora. It is served in traditional earthenware. Tavče gravče is considered the national dish of Macedonia.


The basic ingredients in Tavče gravče are:


The beans are cleaned and then soaked in cold water for 3 hours to become soft. After that they are boiled in a pot. After first boiling, the water is thrown out and replaced with fresh water. Then the onion and the red pepper are added. Apart in a pan, an onion together with the black pepper are fried. When the beans are boiled, they are put in earthenware together with the onion and the red pepper and stirred well. Afterwards, a lid is put on the earthenware and the dish is cooked in an oven at 220 °C. During the baking, the beans are cooked carefully so that they do not become dry.

The earthenware does not just give a traditional look to the meal, but also keeps the beans warm.

The beans may be eaten with different kinds of meat.

Tavče gravče in the Tetovo style is widely known in Macedonia.

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