Tavče gravče

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Tavče gravče
Грав во тава(тафче гравче) (3).jpg
Typical Macedonian tavče gravče
Alternative namesFasoulotavas
CourseMain course
Place of originMacedonia (region)
Region or stateTetovo, Polog, Veria
Main ingredientsBeans

Tavče gravče (Macedonian: Тавче гравче) is a traditional dish of Republic of Macedonia.[1] It is prepared with fresh beans and it can be found in almost all restaurants in Republic of Macedonia and all over the Macedonian diaspora .

This meal is baked and served in a traditional clay made pot. Both names are translated as "Beans on a tava" (Turkish for "frying pan").The best beas to use to make Tavce Gravce are Tetovo bean. Tetovo is a city in the northwest of Macedonia, and the Tavče Gravče clearly defines the identity of the entire Tetovo region. This dish is considered the national dish of the Republic of Macedonia.

clay made pot

In the Telegraph Travel destionation column for 25 remarkable things you did not know about Macedonia the author noted:

"The Macedonian cuisine, owing to its geographical position, is inspired by Mediterranean, Turkish, and to a lesser extent, Italian, German and Eastern European. Tavče gravče, a multi-beaned stew, is seen as the national dish, while mastika, a liqueur seasoned with mastic, otherwise known as “Arabic gum” is its national drink."


The basic ingredients in Tavče gravče are:


The beans are cleaned and then soaked in cold water preferably overnight but if time is the problem than they can be soaked for several hours or until beans become soft. The water where the beans were soaked need to be disposed and fresh water is used to be brought slowly to a boil and then simmered in a covered pot on a very low flame for one hour. After first boiling, the water is thrown out, beans are washed and add new fresh water and they are boiled again. The changing of the water allows the beans to release indigestible sugars that can create gasses in our body. This process also makes the beans more digestible. Then a whole onion is added to the boiling water with beans. When the beans are boiled the boiled onion is fried on a side with a scoop of flower and a teaspoon of ground red paprika and added to the boiled beans.Also dried vegetable ingredients known as Vegeta is added to the soup for flavor and little salt and black pepper. Some people also add dried meat like smoked pork, bacon, Suho meso to the mix. When the beans are boiled and when all the ingredients are added they are put in earthenware or also called " clay made pot" covered with a lid and it is cooked in an oven at 220 °C. During the baking, the beans are cooked carefully so that they do not become dry.

The eartheware does not just give a traditional look to the meal, but also keeps the beans warm and give a special flavor to this dish.

Tavče gravče in the Tetovo style is widely known in Macedonia. The Verian style is the most famous style in Greece.[2]

Tavce Gravce dish

Nutrition value[edit]

White beans that are used to make Tavce Gravce or kidney beans are part of the legume family. Legume plants or so called dry edible beans such as pinto, navy, kidney,pink and black beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas,peanuts and soybeans are all nutrient-rich foods that contain a variety of vitamins,minerals and other nutrients while providing moderate amount of calories. Beans provide protein, fiber,iron,potassium and magnesium and they contain little or no total fat, trans-fat,sodium and cholesterol. That is why promoting beans in a diet could improve overall health and also decrease the risk of developing certain diseases, including heart disease,obesity and many types of cancers.

In the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend consuming 1.5 cups of beans per week to take advantage of these potential health benefits.

In different countries[edit]


In Serbia Tavce Gravce is called Prebranac is one of the staple dishes of Serbian and Bosnian cuisine. It is one of the classic comfort foods of Balkans – a casserole of caramelized onions and white beans, in a sauce flavored with bay leaves and sweet Hungarian paprika. Originally made by farmers during long winters – it's nutritious, wholesome and by far one of the cheapest dishes ever made.


Fasoulotavas (Greek: Φασουλοταβάς) is a famous dish served in Greece restaurants as well. This is vegetarian dish and the main ingredient is butter or elephant beans known as gigantes. Gigantes can be found all over Greece but the best beans are supposed to be from the northwestern region of Kastoria.


The French version of Tavce Gravce is called "cassoulet". There are innumerable versions of cassoulet but most are based on a stew of white beans and various forms of pork. The dish gets its name from the pot it's traditionally baked in which is called the "cassole" which is often shaped like a wide inverted cone to insure the greatest amount of luscious crust.

United States

The dish is called Bean Stew and there are different recipes but the basic ingredients used in all of them are the baked beans and then extra ingredients are added.


Slow cooked stew with south-of-the-border flavors features tender beef, corn, beans, and salsa to make a satisfying dish.

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