Tava (soft drink)

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Type Diet Soda
Manufacturer PepsiCo
Country of origin United States
Introduced 2008

Tava was a carbonated beverage fortified with vitamins and minerals, released by PepsiCo in the first half of 2008. It was marketed exclusively on the web.[1]

Intended for health-conscious consumers, the beverage's nutrients included vitamins B3, B6 and E, and chromium.[2] Tava contained no calories and no caffeine, and instead of being called a "soft drink" was promoted as a "sparkling beverage." The beverage debuted with three flavors: Tahitian Tamure (Tropical Berry Blend), Mediterranean Fiesta (Black Cherry Citrus), and Brazilian Samba (Passion Fruit Lime).[3] Production ceased in early 2009 because it wasn't popular enough.[citation needed]

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