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Country France
Basin features
Main source central Corsica
River mouth Tyrrhenian Sea
42°6′13″N 9°32′56″E / 42.10361°N 9.54889°E / 42.10361; 9.54889 (Tyrrhenian Sea-Tavignano)Coordinates: 42°6′13″N 9°32′56″E / 42.10361°N 9.54889°E / 42.10361; 9.54889 (Tyrrhenian Sea-Tavignano)
Physical characteristics
Length 89 km (55 mi)

The Tavignano is a river on the island of Corsica, France. Its source is in the mountainous middle of the island, south of Monte Cinto. It flows generally east, through Corte. It ends in the Tyrrhenian Sea near Aléria. Its entire course is in the Haute-Corse département.[1] In antiquity the river was known as the Rhotanus or Ῥότανος.[2]


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