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Tavildara is located in Tajikistan
Coordinates: 38°41′37″N 70°29′8″E / 38.69361°N 70.48556°E / 38.69361; 70.48556Coordinates: 38°41′37″N 70°29′8″E / 38.69361°N 70.48556°E / 38.69361; 70.48556
Country  Tajikistan
Province DRS
District Tavildara District
Elevation 1,623 m (5,325 ft)
Time zone UTC +5

Tavildara is a town in Tavildara district, Region of Republican Subordination, Tajikistan. It is also the district capital. Tavildara is one of the highest areas in central-eastern Tajikistan, surrounded by the Rasht Valley in the north, the Darvaz mountains in the south and the highest Pamir peaks in the east. Many prominent scientists[citation needed] proved that the original Tajiks lived in this area, especially in the eastern isolated areas of Tavildara district called Vakhio. This territory is also the site of many sacred places, such as Hazrati Burkhi Vali Mausoleum and others. One of the most powerful mountainous rivers of the country, Obi Khingob (Khingov), which is a tributary of the Vakhsh river that is one of the main tributaries for Amu Darya, forms there. Tavildara's Valley, which is also called Vakhio Valley, stretches for 130 km along with the river of Obi Khingob.