Tavini Huiraatira

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Tavini Huiraatira
Tāvini Huira'atira nō te Ao Mā'ohi
Spokesperson James Chancelor
Founded 1977 (FLP)
1986 (Current)
Headquarters Faaa, French Polynesia
Ideology independence of French Polynesia
Social democracy
Political position Centre-left
National affiliation Socialist Party
Colours Blue, azure
National Assembly
0 / 577
0 / 348
European Parliament
0 / 74
Assembly of French Polynesia
9 / 57
Party flag
Flag of Tavini Huiraatira.svg

The Tavini Huiraatira (English: People's Servant) is a political party in French Polynesia that favours greater autonomy from its territorial ruler France.

The party was founded in 1977 by Oscar Temaru under the name the Front for the Liberation of Polynesia (FLP). The party changed its name in 1983 to Tavini Huiraatira (People's Servant Party). In 1986, Tavini Huiraatira obtained 2 seats in the territorial assembly, 4 seats in 1991, 11 in 1996, and 13 in 2001. In 2004, the Union for Democracy Coalition takes 27 of the 57 seats.

At the last legislative elections on May 23, 2004, and by-elections on February 13, 2005, the party was part of the Union for the Democracy (Union pour la Démocratie), that won 27 out of 57 seats.

Oscar Temaru's coalition government program in 2004 included the gradual increase of the minimum wage to 150.000 CFP Fcfp, work days that don’t start before 9am, an improvement of social services, political decentralisation, educational reform, and a revision of the new autonomy statute after French Polynesia was declared a French Overseas Country (pays d'outre-mer) in March 2004.

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