Tavria Okruha

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Tavria Okruha
Таврійська округа
Okruha of Ukraine


Capital Berdyansk
 •  Split of Taurida Governorate 1918
 •  Split into Mykolaiv Governorate and Zaporizhia Governorate 1920

Tavria Okruha (Ukrainian: Таврійська округа) was an administrative unit of the Ukrainian State (Ukraine) and created in April 1918. The okruha was governed by a starosta from Berdyansk. The territory was named after the Crimean Peninsula.

After the return of the Soviets, the okruha was split between the Kherson Governorate and Aleksandrovsk (Zaporizhia) Governorate.


  • Dnipro county
  • Melitopol county
  • Berdyansk county

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