Tawa River

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Tawa River
Tawa river mp India.jpg
Tawa River
Countries India, india
State madhya Pradesh
Source Satpura Range
 - location Betul District, Madhya Pradesh
Mouth Narmada River
 - location Bandra Bhan, Hoshangabad district
Length 172 km (107 mi)

The Tawa River is a tributary of the Narmada River of Central India.


The Tawa is the Narmada's longest tributary, at 172 km. It rises in the Satpura Range of Betul and flowing north and west, joins the Narmada at the village of Bandra Bhan in Hoshangabad District.[1]


In 1958, construction began on Tawa Dam, which was completed in 1978 in Tawa Nagar to create Tawa Reservoir in southern Hoshangabad District. Forty-four villages were submerged by the reservoir.[1]


India's oldest forest preserve, the Bori Reserve Forest, was established in 1865 along the Tawa. The Bori Reserve Forest is part of the Bori Sanctuary, which is part of the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve, established in 1999, which covers much of the upper watershed of the Tawa.


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Coordinates: 22°48′N 77°48′E / 22.800°N 77.800°E / 22.800; 77.800