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Tawab Arash (Persian: تواب آرش‎‎) (born 1976) is a singer from Afghanistan. He was born in Herat and is the nephew of the acclaimed composer and singer Amir Jan Sabori. He is the younger brother of the famous Afghan film actor Nemat Arash.

In 2012, after he moved to Russia, he started to sing and learn keyboard with the encouragement and guidance of his brothers, and in due course with an Indian teacher. Shortly afterward Arash began to perform professionally. In 1996, he moved to Sweden and his first two concerts took place in Stockholm with Mirwais Hamra.[1] He is an ethnic Persian of Herat.



  • 2006: Roshani
  • 2007: Chai Wa Chilam
  • 2010: Coming Soon


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