Tawgs Salter

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Tawgs Salter
Birth nameThomas Salter
BornVineland, Ontario
GenresAll types
InstrumentsGuitar Piano Keyboards Programming
Years active2000–present
Associated actsDunk

Thomas "Tawgs" Salter is a Canadian musician, songwriter, producer and recording engineer. His extensive body of musical work includes a vast array of artists ranging from Josh Groban, Lights and Lenka to Chantal Kreviazuk, Fefe Dobson, Dear Rouge, Midway State and USS. Salter has also worked alongside Grammy-winning writer/producer Walter Afanasieff.[1] Salter's music, production and collaborations have been featured on television shows, including Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, American Idol and The Simpsons to films such as Prom Night and Joe Somebody (Tom Wilson).[2][3][4]


Salter's writing and production of the soaring pop ballad You Are Loved (Don't Give Up), Josh Groban's first single from his multi-platinum selling third studio album Awake, reached #9 on the Adult Contemporary Billboard chart.[5] The song was sung by Lisa Simpson on the television show The Simpsons in Season 20, Episode 9.[6]

On December 15, 2009, Canadian singer-songwriter LIGHTS was acknowledged with two No.1 song awards by SOCAN, alongside writing partner Salter, who helped her pen her smash hits Drive My Soul and Saviour.[7] Drive My Soul reached the top spot on MuchMusic Countdown on January 8, 2009.

In 2012, Tawgs Salter produced "Drive", the debut song of American actor and singer Cheyenne Jackson.

In 2016, he produced Chantal Kreviazuk's album Hard Sail.

Also in 2016 he appeared on.Schiller's Future album (For You).[8]


Year Artist Title Label Role
2019 Hunter Hayes "Visualizer" ("Heartbreak") Atlantic Records Co-writer
2018 Chad Brownlee "single" ("Dear Drunk Me") Universal Music Canada Co-writer
Scott Helman "Hang Ups EP" ("Hang Ups", "Dostoevsky") Warner Music Canada Co-writer, producer
Dear Rouge Phases ("Live Through the Night," "Stolen Days," "Little by Little," "The Clearing," "Motion") Universal Music Canada Co-writer, co-producer (except "Motion")[9]
2017 Scott Helman Hotel De Ville (all tracks) Warner Music Canada Co-writer, producer[10]
Justin Nozuka High Tide EP ("No Place in Mind") Glassnote Records Co-writer[10]
Mother Mother No Culture ("The Drugs") Universal Music Canada, Def Jam Co-writer[10]
Walk Off the Earth "Nomad," "Fire in My Soul," "Taekwondo" Columbia Records Co-writer, co-producer[10]
Serena Ryder Utopia ("Electric Love," "Sanctuary," "Firewater," "Ice Age," "Hands," "Wolves," "Utopia") Universal Music Canada Co-writer, producer[11]
Alan Doyle A Week at the Warehouse ("Summer Summer Night," "Beautiful to Me") Co-writer[10]
2016 Chantal Kreviazuk Hard Sail ("Into Me," "Hard Sail, "All I Got") Warner Music Canada Co-writer, producer[12]
USS New World Alphabet ("Work Shoes," Who's With Me," "Domino," "California Medication," "Broken Smile") Coalition Music Co-writer, co-producer[10]
Trevor Guthrie "Wanted" Interscope Records Co-writer, producer[13]
Modern Space Before Sunrise Warner Music Canada Co-writer, producer[12]
The Abrams "Fine" Warner Music Canada Co-producer[10]
Lights Midnight Machines ("Up We Go," "Same Sea," "Meteorites") Warner Bros. Co-writer[14]
2015 Trevor Guthrie "Summertime" Interscope Records Co-writer, producer
Steve Aoki Neon Future II ("Home We'll Go (Take My Hand)") Ultra, Dim Mak Co-writer[10]
Walk Off the Earth Sing It All Away ("Rule the World," "I'll Be Waiting," "Home We'll Go," "Hold On," "Sing It All Away," "California Trees," "Heart is a Weapon") Columbia Records Co-writer, co-producer[12]
Alan Doyle So Let's Go ("So Let's Go," "Take Us Home," "I Can't Dance Without You," "The Night Loves Us," "1234") Universal Music Canada Co-writer, producer[10]
The Tenors Under One Sky ("A New Days Begun," "Lean on Me") Universal Music Canada Co-writer, co-producer ("A New Days Begun"), programming ("Lean on Me")[10]
2014 Lights Little Machines ("Up We Go," "Same Sea," "Meteorites," "Oil and Water," "Slow Down") Warner Bros. Co-writer, additional production[12]
Scott Helman Augusta EP (all songs except "Somewhere Sweet") Warner Music Canada Co-writer, producer[12]
USS Advanced Basics Coalition Music Records Co-writer, co-producer[10]
R3hab and Trevor Guthrie "Soundwave" Spinnin' Records Co-writer[10]
2013 Josh Groban All That Echoes ("Brave," "Below the Line," "Un Alma Mas," "Happy in My Heartache) 143, Reprise Co-writer[12]
Josh Groban "Your Hideaway" 143, Reprise Co-writer[15]
Lenka Shadows ("Nothing Here But Love") Skipalong Records Co-writer[12]
Walk Off the Earth R.E.V.O. ("Red Hands," "Gang of Rhythm," "Speeches," "Sometimes," "Shake," "Summer Vibe") Columbia Records Co-writer, co-producer[14]
Lights Siberia Acoustic ("Banner," "Where the Fence is Low," "Suspension," "Toes," "Heavy Rope," "Flux and Flow") Universal, Last Gang Co-writer[12]
2012 The Tenors Lead With Your Heart ("Forever Young") Universal Music Canada Programming[10]
Jesse Labelle ft. Alyssa Reid "Heartbreak Coverup" Wax Records Co-writer, producer[16]
Newworldson Rebel Transmission ("Learning to be the Light") Inpop Co-writer, producer[12]
2011 Lights Siberia ("Banner," "Where the Fence is Low," "Suspension," "Toes," "Heavy Rope," "Flux and Flow," "Timing is Everything") Universal, Last Gang Co-writer, co-producer[12]
USS Approved ("Yo Hello Hooray," "Damini," "Heaven on Mars," "Prefontaine," "N/A OK") Smashing World Records Records Co-writer, co-producer[10]
2010 Fefe Dobson Joy ("Can't Breathe") Island Records Co-writer[12]
Newworldson Newworldson ("There is a Way") Inpop Records Co-writer, co-producer[10]
Josh Groban Illuminations ("Higher Window") 143, Reprise Co-writer[12]
Joe Cocker Hard Knocks ("So") Columbia, Savoy Label Group Co-writer[12]
2009 Lights The Listening ("Savior," "Drive My Soul," "River," "Ice," "Face Up," "Lions") Universal Canada, Sire Co-writer, co-producer[12]
2008 Lenka Lenka ("Don't Let Me Fall," "Double is a Friend") Epic Records Co-writer[12]
2006 Josh Groban Awake ("You Are Loved," "Awake") 143, Reprise Co-writer ("Awake"), writer & co-producer ("You Are Loved")[12]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Nominee / work Award Result
2018 Thomas "Tawgs" Salter Juno Awards - Producer of the Year[17] Nominated
2017 Serena Ryder - "Electric Love" SOCAN Awards - No. 1 Song Award[18] Won
2017 Mother Mother - "The Drugs" SOCAN Awards - No. 1 Song Award[19] Won
2016 Scott Helman - "Bungalow" SOCAN Awards - Pop/Rock Music[19] Won
2016 Trevor Guthrie - "Summertime" SOCAN Awards - Dance Music[19] Won
2016 Thomas "Tawgs" Salter Juno Awards - Producer of the Year[17] Nominated
2015 Thomas "Tawgs" Salter Juno Awards - Producer of the Year[17] Nominated
2015 Lights - Little Machines Juno Awards - Pop Album of the Year[17] Won
2014 Walk Off the Earth - "Red Hands" SOCAN Awards - Pop/Rock Music[19] Won
2014 Thomas "Tawgs" Salter Juno Awards - Producer of the Year[17] Nominated
2013 Newworldson - "Learning To Be The Light" ASCAP Christian Music Awards[20] Won
2012 Fefe Dobson - "Can't Breathe" SOCAN Awards - Pop/Rock Music[19] Won


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