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Elevation 5,830 m (19,130 ft)[1]
Tawllirahu is located in Peru
Location Peru, Ancash Region
Range Andes, Cordillera Blanca
Coordinates 8°53′33″S 77°34′45″W / 8.89250°S 77.57917°W / -8.89250; -77.57917Coordinates: 8°53′33″S 77°34′45″W / 8.89250°S 77.57917°W / -8.89250; -77.57917

Tawllirahu (Quechua tawlli a kind of legume,[2] rahu snow, ice, mountain with snow,[3] hispanicized spelling Taulliraju) is a mountain in the Cordillera Blanca in the Andes of Peru, about 5,830 metres (19,127 ft) high.[4] It is situated in the Ancash Region, Huaylas Province, Santa Cruz District as well as in the Pomabamba Province, Pomabamba District. Tawllirahu lies in the Huascarán National Park, south east of the Pukahirka and east of the Rinrihirka.


There are plenty routes, but no easy to climb this spectacular mountain. The easier two are perhaps the south-southeast ridge or the north face, all other routes are more difficult. The south-southeast ridge and the north face are rated TD-, the south buttress is TD, the southwest face is ED1 and the east buttress is ED1/ED2.

The east buttress on the southwest face, known also as Fowler-Watts route was climbed on the 26 May 1982 and since has defeated many competent parties. It is a serious undertaking on mixed ground, steep section of rock (difficulty UIAA V+) with key passages at A3+ and vertical rotten ice. A variation of the Fowler-Watts route is the Sykes-Clay, climbed on 10 July 1989 and rarely repeated since.

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