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The Tax Institute
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Type Professional association
Headquarters Sydney, NSW
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The Tax Institute, formerly the Taxation Institute of Australia, is a member-based association of tax professionals in Australia. Members include accountants, lawyers and academics.[1]

The Tax Institute was founded in July 1943 by a Sydney accountant named Harold Irving.[2] As of 2016 the Tax Institute had over 12,000 members. The Institute provides resources and education to its members, and participates in formulating tax policy with the government.[3] Executives from the institute head up the Australian Tax Research Foundation, a non-profit organisation that researches tax reform at the federal, state and local government levels.[4]

The Tax Institute provides input to the Board of Taxation, a non-statutory government advisory body charged with contributing a business and broader community perspective to improving the design of taxation laws and their operation.[5] In March 2010 The Tax Institute and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia jointly submitted an extensive review of the government's consolidation regime to the Board of Taxation.[6] In August 2010 The Tax Institute welcomed the establishment of the Tax System Advisory Board, while calling for fundamental tax reform.[7] In January 2011 The Tax Institute commented on the Treasury's discussion paper: "Implementation of the recommendations of Treasury's review of the GST margin scheme".[8]

There are 3 levels of voting membership, in ascending order of importance:

Associates (designatory letters ATI)

Fellows (designatory letters FTI)

Chartered Tax Advisers (designatory letters CTA)


The Tax Institute is a member of Asia Oceania Tax Consultants' Association (AOTCA). [9][10]


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