Taxali Gate

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Coordinates: 31°35′09″N 74°18′28″E / 31.58595°N 74.30779°E / 31.58595; 74.30779

The Taxali Gate, was one of the gates of the old medieval Walled City of Lahore, Pakistan. Also known as the Taxal, or royal mint, it was built during the reign of the Mughals.

Texali Gate Lahore today

There is a shoe market located here known as Sheikhupurian Bazaar. There are a variety of special foodstuffs available in and around this gate. The most famous are Sri Pai of Fazal Din commonly known as Phajja. Among specialist Desi sweet stores are the Taj Mahal and Shahabuddin Halwai, which are both famous. The world-renowned Heera Mandi red light area is also in this vicinity.

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