Taxerhof Lake

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Location Highlands above Innsbruck, Tyrol
Coordinates 47°16′N 11°26′E / 47.267°N 11.433°E / 47.267; 11.433Coordinates: 47°16′N 11°26′E / 47.267°N 11.433°E / 47.267; 11.433
Type Lake for fishery
Basin countries Austria
Max. length 31 m (102 ft)
Max. width 30 m (98 ft)
Surface area 2,921.68 m2 (31,448.7 sq ft)
Surface elevation 827 m (2,713 ft)
Settlements Ampass

The small Taxerhof Lake (German: Taxerhofsee, or Köglmoor) is located on a height of 827 m approx. 2 km southern above the village of Ampass in the district Innsbruck Land, Tyrol, Austria.

On the one hand the lake is mainly used for raising fishes and bathing is not allowed. On the other hand, the Lake is the rest of a humid biotope and was declared a nature reserve by Ampass. On the shores reed regions, humid meadows with some rare plant communities can be found. (e.g.: small sedges and black alders). The Lake is also a retreat area for rare birds such as heron and wagtail.

Mainly kinds of carp and trout are bred. The lake has a good water quality between A and B grade. It is fed by groundwater and supply pipe of the near Taxer spring.

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