Taxi Driver (album)

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Taxi Driver
Studio album by Dynamic Duo
Released May 17, 2004
Genre K-pop, hip hop
Language Korean
Label EMI Music Korea Ltd

Taxi Driver is the first album by Dynamic Duo, released in 2004. The album features guest vocals from Brown Eyed Soul, Drunken Tiger, TBNY, Lisa, Bobby Kim, Eun Ji Won, Epik High, Asoto Union and other Korean artists.

Track listing[edit]

  1. 이력서
  2. Taxi Driver Interlude 1
  3. 두남자 (feat. Brown eyed soul)
  4. 실례합니다 (feat. DJ Wrecks, Tablo)
  5. Pride (feat. The Name, Double K, Verbal Jint)
  6. Taxidriver interlude 2
  7. 신나? (우리가 누구?) feat. lisa
  8. Skit
  9. 사랑하면 버려야 할 아까운 것들 feat. 성훈 of Brown eyed soul
  10. Superstar (behind the Scene) feat. Tiger jk, sean2slow, dj tukutz
  11. 비극 Part 1 feat. k.o.d
  12. 무인도 feat. lazy
  13. 불면증 feat. bobby kim
  14. Ring My Bell feat. 나얼 of Brown eyed soul
  15. 우리는 바보 (Shake ya 엉덩 to da 이)
  16. My World feat. yankie of TBNY
  17. Outro
  18. Candy[Hidden Track](feat. Brown Eyed Soul)



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