Taxonomy of Lucanidae

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The Lucanidae are a family of beetles that include the Stag beetles. The family can be further subdivided in a taxonomy. The classification presented here follows Smith (2006),[1] with the exception of the tribal classification within the Lucaninae.

Subfamily Aesalinae[edit]

Subfamily Aesalinae

Tribe Aesalini
Genus Aesalus (Fabricius, 1801)
Genus Cretaesalus (fossil)
Genus Echinoaesalus Zelenka, 1993
Genus Lucanobium Howden & Lawrence, 1974
Tribe Ceratognathini
Genus Ceratognathus Westwood, 1838
Genus Hilophyllus Paulsen & Mondaca, 2006
Genus Mitophyllus Parry, 1843
Tribe Nicagini
Genus Nicagus LeConte, 1861
Genus Holloceratognathus Nikolajev, 1998

Subfamily Lampriminae[edit]

Subfamily Lampriminae

Genus Dendroblax White, 1846
Genus Homolamprima
Genus Lamprima
Genus Phalacrognathus
Genus Streptocerus Dejean, 1833

Subfamily Lucaninae[edit]

Subfamily Lucaninae Latreille, 1804

Tribe Aegini
Genus Aegus MacLeay, 1819
Tribe Allotopini
Genus Allotopus
Genus Mesotopus
Tribe Chiasognathini
Genus Casignetus
Genus Chiasognathus Stephens, 1831
Genus Protognathinus
Genus Sphaenognathus
Tribe Cladognathini
Genus Aphanognathus
Genus Capreolucanus
Genus Cladophyllus
Genus Eligmodontus
Genus Gonometopus
Genus Macrodorcas Motschulsky, 1862
Genus Palaeognathus
Genus Prismognathus Motschulsky, 1860
Genus Prosopocoilus Westwood, 1845
Genus Pseudorhaetus
Genus Rhaetulus
Genus Rhaetus
Genus Tetrarthrius
Genus Weinreichius
Tribe Colophonini
Genus Colophon
Tribe Cyclommatini
Genus Cyclommatus Parry, 1863
Tribe Dendeziini
Genus Dendezia
Genus Oonotus Parry, 1864
Genus Xiphodontus
Tribe Dorcini
Genus Bartolozziolucanus
Genus Cantharolethrus
Genus Cyclommatus
Genus Dorcasoides
Genus Dorcus MacLeay, 1819
Genus Homoderus
Genus Leptinopterus
Genus Prosopocoilus
Genus Rhaetulus
Genus Serrognathus
Genus Pycnosiphorus
Genus Sclerostomus
Tribe Figulini
Genus Cardanus
Genus Dinonigidius
Genus Figulus
Genus Ganelius
Genus Nigidionus
Genus Nigidius
Genus Novonigidius
Genus Penichrolucanus
Tribe Lissapterini
Genus Bomansius
Genus Dorculus
Genus Geodorcus
Genus Hoplogonus
Genus Lissapterus
Genus Lissotes
Genus Paralissotes
Genus Pseudodorcus
Tribe Lucanini
Genus Hexarthrius Hope, 1842
Genus Lucanus
Genus Pseudolucanus
Tribe Odontolabini
Genus Calcodes
Genus Neolucanus
Genus Odontolabis
Tribe Platycerini
Genus Platyceroides Benesh, 1946
Genus Platyceropsis Benesh, 1946
Genus Platycerus Geoffroy, 1762
Tribe Ryssonotini
Genus Cacostomus
Genus Ryssonotus

Subfamily Syndesinae[edit]

Subfamily Syndesinae

Tribe Ceruchini
Genus Ceruchus MacLeay, 1819
Tribe Sinodendronini
Genus Sinodendron Hellwig in Schneider, 1792
Tribe Syndesini
Genus Psilodon Perty, 1830
Genus Syndesus MacLeay, 1819