List of subtribes and genera of Bambuseae

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Dendrocalamus spp.

This is a list of subtribes and genera of the tribe Bambuseae. The tribe comprises around 1,000 species, distributed into nine subtribes and about 91 genera. The article, Bamboo species, has a list of species.

Subtribe Arthrostylidiinae[edit]

It comprises 12 genera:

Subtribe Arundinariinae[edit]

It comprises 17 genera:

Subtribe Bambusinae[edit]

It comprises 10 genera:

Subtribe Chusqueinae[edit]

It comprises 2 genera:

Subtribe Guaduinae[edit]

It comprises 5 recognized genera:

Subtribe Melocanninae[edit]

It comprises 9 genera:

Subtribe Nastinae[edit]

It comprises 6 genera:

Subtribe Racemobambodinae[edit]

It comprises 1 genus:

Subtribe Shibataeinae[edit]

It comprises 9 genera: