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Taybeh Brewery
Taybeh beer logo
2010-08 Taybeh 01.jpg
Entrance of the brewery
Location Taybeh, West Bank, Palestinian Territories
Opened 1994
Website www.taybehbeer.com

Taybeh Brewery is a Palestinian brewery founded in 1994. The brewery is in the West Bank village of Taybeh, 35 kilometres (22 mi) north of Jerusalem. It produced its first beer in 1995[1] and has since developed a global following.[2]


The Taybeh Brewery was co-founded in 1994, shortly after the first Oslo Accords were signed in 1993. It has been described as a pioneer microbrewery in the region, being that it predated the first Israeli microbrewery, The Dancing Camel, by about ten years.[3]

As a college student in the 1980s[where?], Nadim Khoury began making his own beer at the dorms where he lived. He subsequently took up formal studies in brewing at UC Davis in California.[4]


In 1997, Taybeh beer became the first Palestinian product to be franchised in Germany, where it was brewed and bottled for sale in Europe.[5] Taybeh beer is also exported directly from Taybeh to Sweden.

In 2005, an annual Oktoberfest-style beer festival was launched. Dubbed the Taybeh Beer Festival, it opens in the beginning of October.[6]

In 2008, an Australian named Lara van Raay produced a documentary called Palestine, Beer and Oktoberfest Under Occupation, which focuses on the Taybeh Brewery and the Khoury family.[7]

The Taybeh Brewing Company was highlighted in the January/February 2010 Issue of the fine beverage publication Mutineer Magazine.[citation needed]


Taybeh beer bottles
Bottled Taybeh beer

There are five varieties of Taybeh Beer: Golden, Light, Amber, Dark, and White. In 2007, a new non-alcoholic beer variety was to be launched specifically for the local Palestinian Muslim market.[8] The original brand was Taybeh Beer Golden. The Taybeh Beer Dark and Taybeh Beer Light were introduced for the 2000 celebrations in the Holy Land. The Dark variety follows a classic style of the way monks brewed beer in the Middle Ages in order to fortify themselves during their fasting.[9]

In 2013 Taybeh White was developed.


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