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Tayeb Seddiki (1938 – 5 February 2016) was a Moroccan playwright, writing in both Arabic and French.[1] He was born in Essaouira and grew up in Casablanca in a neighborhood between el Habous and l'Hermitage. At the age of 17 he decided to go to France to study architecture. When he followed a course on stage design he became interested in theater and started working as a designer and translator. When one of the actors fell ill, Seddiki took over the part and since then continued acting, directing and writing. Back in Morocco, together with the Union Marocaine du Travail (UMT) he founded a 'workers' theater group. Not long after the independence of Morocco he founded his own company, "la groupe Seddiki". At 23 he became artistic director of the Mohamed V theater. After that he worked as director of the theater of Casablanca. Then he founded the Masrah Annass (theater of the people) and finally the theater of Mogador, at the boulevard Gandhi in Casablanca.


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  • Tarik, 1966.
  • Diwan Sidi Abderrahman El Mejdoub, 1967.
  • La Bataille de Zellaqa, 1970.
  • Maqamat Badiaâ Ezzamane el Hamadani, 1971.
  • Essefoud, 1974.
  • La Légende des pauvres, 1975.
  • Le livre des délectations et du plaisir partagé : Vie et mort de Abû Hayyane Tawhidi, 1984.
  • Le Dîner de Gala (in French), 1990.
  • Les Sept grains de beauté (in French), 1991.
  • Molière ou pour l’amour de l’humanité (in French), 1994.
  • Nous sommes faits pour nous entendre (in French), 1997.

He has also written some fifteen plays in cooperation with other writers (Saïd Seddiki, Abdessamad Kenfaoui, Ahmed Taïeb Laalej S) and has translated/adapted some twenty plays in Arabic.