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Tayla Tracey Goodman, born 24 December 1968 in Nottingham, is a British actress, turned writer and director. Tayla is currently writing her first feature film Bob's Night Out, starring Ph Moriarty. It is a comedy about an ageing gangster who escapes from the window of his nursing home, to live his life of loose women,fast cars and gambling. Tayla started her acting career at the age of 9 at The Central Television Junior Workshop, working alongside Sue Nott, later executive producer at CBBC. Goodman appeared in programmes such as Your Mother Wouldn't Like It, Murphy's Mob, Lunar, and Boon, then went on to write the rock musical Virus in 1999, which ran at the Nottingham Theatre Royal starring Jack Wild and Goodman herself.[1] After many television appearances, short films, musical recordings, and a role in the Manchester United AGM plot,[2] she went on to work as an undercover journalist in the 90's on The Cook report and the From hell Series. She then landed the role of Nini Diehl, a psychiatric patient, in the film Escape From Madness,[3] in July 2012.[4] With her business partner, Peter Everett, Goodman is CEO of Ealing Film And Television Associates. Tayla is also known for presenting the Entrepreneurs series for LEO TV Asia in 2015.

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