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Taylor Anderson
Nationality American

Taylor Anderson is a gunsmith, re-enactor, and history professor.[1] He is the author of the Destroyermen book series, about the USS Walker (DD-163), USS Mahan (DD-102), and USS S-19 (SS-124), and their fight against the Grik.

Publication list[edit]

The Destroyermen Series, all published by Roc, includes:

No. Title Publication date Hard cover ISBN Mass market paperback ISBN
1 Into the Storm June 2008 978-0451462077 978-0451462374
2 Crusade October 2008 978-0451462305 978-0451462572
3 Maelstrom February 2009 978-0451462534 978-0451462824
4 Distant Thunders June 2010 978-0451463333 978-0451463708
5 Rising Tides February 2011 978-0451463883 978-0451464064
6 Firestorm October 2011 978-0451464170 978-0451464385
7 Iron Gray Sea July 2012 978-0451464545 978-0451414236
8 Storm Surge July 2013 978-0451465139 978-0451419095
9 Deadly Shores May 2014 978-0451465665 978-0451468352
10 Straits of Hell May 2015 978-0451470614 978-0451470621
11 Blood in the Water June 2016 978-0451470638 TBA
12 Devil’s Due June 2017 978-0451470652 TBA


Several of his books sold well enough to be included on various best selling book lists. Firestorm was listed on the New York Times Best Seller list for hardcover fiction for one week in October 2011[2] and Iron Gray Sea was listed on the New York Times Best Seller list for hardcover fiction for one week in July 2012.[3] Iron Gray Sea was listed on the USA Today Best-Selling Books list during a single week in July 2012.[4]

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