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Taylor Deupree (born April 30, 1971), is an American electronic musician, photographer and graphic designer. He is most known for the founding of the 12k record label, along with his work as a member of Prototype 909, and his collaborations with Savvas Ysatis and Christopher Willits. In 2008, Taylor Deupree was the Président d'Honneur of the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards 5th in Paris (France).

Human Mesh Dance (1993–1997)[edit]

Deupree's solo project, Human Mesh Dance, which was begun in 1993 and ended in 1997 was an ambient project that was a strong contrast to Prototype 909's more mainstream techno sound. He released three albums as Human Mesh Dance, along with appearances on numerous ambient compilations.

Work with Savvas Ysatis[edit]

Also in 1993, Deupree teamed up with Savvas Ysatis, a Greek electronic artist, to create several different projects, each with different sounds. Seti produced ambient electronica, with sounds and words from the various SETI projects from around the world. Futique was the duo's trip hop project, and its Detroit techno output was released under the Arc moniker.

In 1996, the duo formed the short-lived label Index, which released only a single 12" EP, containing four tracks by various artists.


Main article: 12k

Deupree founded 12k on January 1, 1997, based on the name of the first Arc album, 12k. On the name 12k:

12k publishes what Deupree refers to as microscopic-sound music, which features super-synthetic sounds, and minimal compositions. 12k also has two sub-labels: Line, which was started as a collaboration with Richard Chartier in September 2000, focuses on ultra-minimal digital ambience, and Happy, begun in September 2003, aims to give Japanese pop artists more exposure outside Japan.

Early productions by 12k were limited to between 500 and 1,000 units, partially because of limited storage space, and also because the small edition size increased the collectability of the albums. Since around 2001, editions became less limited but still started at between 1,000 and 2,000 copies.


Deupree has stated that he will be focusing on releasing microscopic sounds under his own name for the foreseeable future. He has done collaborations with several different experimental artists.


  • Arc (with Savvas Ysatis)
  • Drum Komputer (with Schoenemann)
  • EOX
  • Escape Tank
  • Futique (with Savvas Ysatis)
  • Human Mesh Dance
  • Prototype 909 (with Schoenemann, Szostek)
  • Seti (with Savvas Ysatis)
  • Skai (with Savvas Ysatis)
  • Tiny Objects in Space
  • Unit Park (with Schoenemann)



  • Freak Of Nature (1996, Tension)
  • Bang Bang Machine (1997, Electric Music Foundation)
  • Acid Technology (as Prototype 909) (1993, Sonic)
  • Hyaline (as Human Mesh Dance) (1994, Instinct)
  • SETI (as SETI) (1994, Instinct)
  • Mindflower (as Human Mesh Dance) (1995, Instinct)
  • Live '93-'95 (as Prototype 909) (1995, Instinct)
  • Pharos (as SETI) (1995, Instinct)
  • Transistor Rhythm (as Prototype 909) (1995, Sonic)
  • Ciphers (as SETI) (1996, Instinct)
  • thesecretnumbertwelve (as Human Mesh Dance) (1997, 12k)
  • Joined at the Head (as Prototype 909) (1997, Caipirinha)
  • Arc vs. Tiny Objects in Space (1997, 12k)
  • Alphabet Flasher (as Drum Komputer) (1998, 12k)
  • Tower Of Winds (1998, Caipirinha)
  • Comma (1998, 12k)
  • SPEC. (1999, 12k)
  • .N (2000, Ritornell)
  • Active / Freeze (with Tetsu Inoue) (2000, 12k)
  • Focux EP (2000, Audio.nl)
  • Polr (2000, Raster-Noton)
  • invalidObject Series (continue) (2000, Fällt)
  • Occur (2001, 12k)
  • Tokei EP (2001, Audio.nl)
  • Balance (with Frank Bretschneider) (2002, Mille Plateaux)
  • Print EP (2002, Audio.nl)
  • Stil. (2002, 12k)
  • Invisible Architecture #8 (with Christopher Willits) (2003, Audiosphere)
  • Post_Piano (with Kenneth Kirschner) (2003, Sub Rosa)
  • January (2004, Spekk)
  • Mujo (with Christopher Willits) (2004, Plop)
  • Every Still Day (with Eisi) (2005, Midi Creative / Noble)
  • Live In Japan, 2004 (with Christopher Willits) (2005, 12k)
  • Post_Piano 2 (with Kenneth Kirschner) (2005, 12k)
  • Northern (2006, 12k)
  • Specification. Fifteen (with Richard Chartier) (2006, Line)
  • 1am (2006, 12k)
  • Landing (2007, Room40)
  • Transcriptions (with Stephan Mathieu) (2009, Spekk)
  • Shoals (2010, 12k)
  • Faint (2012, 12k)
  • Disappearance (with Ryuichi Sakamoto) (2013, 12k)


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The Sleeping Morning (with Savvas Ysatis, 2008,"record Label here")

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