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The Taylor River is a 10.6-mile (17.1 km) long[1] river located in southeastern New Hampshire in the United States. It is a tributary of the Hampton River, a tidal inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. Approximately two miles of the Taylor River are tidal.

The river rises on the border between Hampton Falls and Kensington, New Hampshire. It follows a winding course north, then east, then southeast through the rolling lowlands of Hampton Falls, reaching tidewater at a dam and fish ladder where Interstate 95 crosses the river. For the lower four miles of the river, it forms the boundary between Hampton Falls and Hampton, New Hampshire. The freshwater portion of the river is an active recreation area for summer fishing, kayaking and canoeing. Ice fishing and cross country skiing are also pastimes here. The dam was built in the 1950s in order to construct Interstate 95 and is owned by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation.[citation needed]


The Taylor River was named for Anthony Taylor, one of the founders of Hampton, New Hampshire. Born in England between 1607 and 1611, he arrived in America, with his wife Phillipa, on the Anne and Elizabeth in 1635. Thereafter a lifelong resident of Hampton, he “became a valuable and leading man” by virtue of his heavy involvement with local government. Taylor was a feltmaker but was also a tavern keeper, constable, and performed many other functions in the Hampton area. Anthony Taylor died in Hampton on November 4, 1687, at the age of 80. He was preceded in death by his Phillipa who also died in Hampton on September 20, 1683. Anthony and Phillipa are thought to be the oldest known Taylors in America and have descendants spread across the North and South American continents.[2]

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Coordinates: 42°55′19″N 70°50′10″W / 42.922°N 70.836°W / 42.922; -70.836