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Taylor Wessing
Taylor Wessing logo
Headquarters Decentralised
No. of offices 33
No. of attorneys 1,200
Major practice areas General practice
Key people

UK Managing Partner, Tim Eyles

UK Senior Partner, Adam Marks
Date founded 2002
Company type Limited liability partnership

Taylor Wessing LLP is an international law firm with 33 offices internationally. The Firm has around 400 partners and 1200 lawyers worldwide. The company was formed as a result of a merger of the British law firm Taylor Joynson Garrett and the German law firm Wessing & Berenberg-Gossler, retaining the first name of each.


Taylor Joynson Garrett and its predecessors[edit]

The oldest predecessor of the Taylor law firm began life in 1782 as a firm run by a sole practitioner, Thomas Smith. The first Taylor joined him as a partner in 1788. From 1805, the original Taylor then practised on his own until he died in 1822.

By then another partner, Jacob Mould had joined and the firm continued under various names, usually incorporating the name "Taylor" until 1832 when the first Taylor's son (Taylor II) joined as a partner. The firm was then known as Mould Taylor & Co.

Mould departed shortly afterwards and the firm became Parker, Taylor and Rooke. From 1848, Taylor II practised on his own until 1866 when his son, Taylor III joined him, the firm becoming known as R.S. Taylor & Son. He was joined by the first Humbert in 1879, the firm becoming R.S. Taylor Son & Humbert. This name was streamlined to Taylor & Humbert forty years later.

Taylor & Humbert merged with Parker Garrett in 1982, becoming Taylor Garrett. The firm then merged with Joynson-Hicks in 1989, calling itself Taylor Joynson Garrett.

Wessing & Berenberg-Gossler and its predecessors[edit]

In 1873, the oldest precessor of the Wessing & Berenberg-Gossler law firm was founded in Hamburg by Hermann May and Alfons Mittelstrass. The firm was focused on servicing the Hanseatic merchants. Around 1960, Günter von Berenberg-Gossler for the first time accepted multiple lawyers as partners at his firm, and the company became known as Berenberg-Gossler & Partner. Berenberg-Gossler belonged to one of the most prominent Hanseatic business families of Germany.

Count Rüdiger von der Goltz had established a law practice in Stettin in 1926, and in 1954, he accepted the young lawyer Kurt Wessing as a partner.

The law firm of Zimmermann, Reimer, Hohenlohe Sommer had been established in 1975 in Munich, and later became Zimmermann, Hohenlohe, Sommer, Rojahn.

In 1989, Berenberg-Gossler & Partner merged with Graf von der Goltz Wessing & Partner and Zimmermann Hohenlohe Sommer Rojahn. In 1993 the company merged with the renowned Frankfurt law firm Kanzlei Lange & von Braunschweig, and became Wessing Berenberg-Gossler Zimmermann Lange (often known as Wessing & Berenberg-Gossler).

Taylor Wessing[edit]

In 2002 Taylor and Wessing & Berenberg-Gossler merged to become Taylor Wessing.[1][2] In March 2012 RHT Law in Singapore formally joined Taylor Wessing (RHTLaw Taylor Wessing)[3] and in May 2012 Austrian firm e|n|w|c merged adding a further eight offices over six new jurisdictions.[4] The firm has been using the name "Taylor" for over 230 years. In 2013 the firm was named Law Firm of the Year at The Lawyer Awards 2013.[5] An office in Jakarta was also established through a co-operation agreement with Hanafiah Ponggawa & Partners, one of Indonesia’s leading firms.[6]

In June 2014 two representative offices were opened in Palo Alto and New York City to provide on-the-ground support to US clients.[7] An association with the Korean firm DR & AJU International Law Group was established in May 2014 extending Taylor Wessing’s presence in Southeast Asia.[8] In September 2015 two new offices were established in the Netherlands through a merger with leading Netherlands firm Deterink Advocaten en Notarissen.[9]

In May 2016 offices in Saudi Arabia were established through an association with Alsulaim Alawaji & Partners Law Firm.[10]

Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize[edit]

Taylor Wessing sponsors London's National Portrait Gallery yearly Photographic Portrait Prize,[11] having done so since 2008. Taylor Wessing's relationship with the Gallery began in 2005 with their sponsorship of The World’s Most Photographed.[11]

Corporate social responsibility[edit]

The Firm supports Wide Horizons, an adventure learning charity and Future First, supporting children through an alumni community for schools and colleges."Taylor Wessing's Charities and Community programme". 


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