Tayo (political party)

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Chairperson Maryam Qaasim
Secretary-General Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed
Founder Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed
Founded 2012
Headquarters Mogadishu
Ideology Somali nationalism
Social liberalism
Economic liberalism
Green politics
Political position Centre
Slogan Tayo, Talo-Wadaag iyo Tubta Toosan

The Tayo Political Party (TPP) (Somali: Xisbiga Siyaasadda ee Tayo), abbreviated Tayo, is the ruling political party in Somalia.


Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo), founder and Secretary-General of Tayo.

The Tayo Political Party was established in early 2012 by former Prime Minister of Somalia and President of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo), and members of his erstwhile Cabinet. The association was dubbed Tayo ("Quality") on account of the generally favorable reputation that his administration earned during its brief tenure.[1]

According to Mohamed, the party's primary agenda revolves around delivering services to Somalia's general population and encouraging the repatriation of Somali diasporans so as to assist in the ongoing post-conflict reconstruction process. Since stepping down from office, he has reportedly been campaigning in various global destinations to amass support for his new party, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Sweden.[1] On April 2, 2012, Maryam Qaasim, the former Minister of Women's Affairs in Mohamed's Cabinet, was elected Chairperson of the TPP. Mohamed is serving as the party's Secretary-General.[2] In the Somali presidential election of 2017, Mohamed was elected President of Somalia.


Tayo lists its ten core party principles as follows:[3]

  1. Belief in the unity of the Somali State
  2. Belief in the preservation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia
  3. Belief in justice and equality for all and in full rights for women and minorities
  4. Belief in an effective security system and the rule of law
  5. Belief in institution building and smart government
  6. Belief in the free market system
  7. Belief in providing assistance for the weak and vulnerable in our society
  8. Belief in a peaceful nation, within our borders and with neighboring countries
  9. Belief in the establishment of cooperation and collaboration with the international community based upon mutual respect
  10. Belief in the preservation of the environment

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