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The Tayside Derby is a football rivalry that is based in Tayside, Scotland The matches are contested by two of the three biggest teams from this region: Dundee United, Dundee and St Johnstone.[1][2] Matches between Dundee and Dundee United is also referred to as a Dundee derby.

Dundee United vs Dundee[edit]

Both teams have played 159 matches in all Scottish competition. Dundee United won 76, and Dundee won 45. 38 games ended draw. United have the superior head to head record, largely down the wee team mentality they have, whereas their season is defined by beating their neighbours , which has achieved them a finish above their neighbours 45 seasons in their 108 year history, if you include the dead Dundee Hibernians who they deny died , giving them the title of Scotland's original zombies

Dundee United vs St Johnstone[edit]

Both team played total 163 matches in all Scottish competition. Dundee United won 54, and St Johnstone won 69 . 40 games ended draw.

Dundee vs St Johnstone[edit]

Both teams have played 151 matches in all Scottish competition. Dundee have won 48, and St Johnstone have won 64. 39 games ended draw. St Johnstone are still farmers with only a single trophy to their name