Tbeli Abuserisdze

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Tbeli Abuserisdze (Georgian: ტბელი აბუსერისძე) (c. 1190 – 1240) was a medieval Georgian scholar and religious writer. A son of Ivane Abuserisdze, eristavt-eristavi ("archduke") of Khikhata (Upper Adjara, southwestern Georgia), he is principally known for his original treatise, The Complete Timekeeper, which contains information related to calendars, descriptions of different systems for maintaining chronology, dates of ecclesiastic holidays, tables of moonrise and moonset, information on special cycles, etc. Abuserisdze's work is purely theoretical, based largely upon his own mathematical investigations rather than on direct astronomical observations. Beyond this treatise, he authored The Miracles of Saint George... and the Testament of the Author, a work of religious as well as of historical character, in which he relates, among other things, the history of the Abuserisdze family. He has been canonized by the Georgian Orthodox Church.