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Tbilisi City Assembly building, 2006

The Tbilisi Sakrebulo (Georgian: თბილისის საკრებულო, translit.: tbilisis sak'rebulo) is a representative body in the city government of Tbilisi, Georgia. It is also known in English as the Tbilisi City Council or Tbilisi Assembly. Sakrebulos were established as the legislative branch of local government not only in Tbilisi, but throughout Georgia, by reforms instituted in 1991 as the country declared independence from the Soviet Union.[1]

Assembly building in the 19th century.


The members of the Sakrebulo are selected through a mixed electoral system. Of the 37 seats, 25 are filled through direct elections in local districts of the city. The remaining 12 members are chosen by political parties and are apportioned according to their support citywide.[2] [3] The Sakrebulo elected in 2006 has 34 members from the ruling National Movement - Democrats, one from the Georgian Labour Party, one from the party Industry will save Georgia, and one from a coalition of the Conservative Party of Georgia and the Republican Party. [4]

Four of the current 37 members are women, all from the National Movement party. [5]

Main Hall, 19th century


The Sakrebulo has the power to approve the city budget and any changes to it, [6] to elect the Mayor of Tbilisi, and to set local taxes. The Mayor and other officials are responsible to the Sakrebulo and can be recalled by a super-majority of the council. [7]


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