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Tchaenhotep (aka ThenHotep) is a Third Intermediate Period mummy now owned by the Kentucky Science Center. It was brought to America during the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis Egyptian exhibit. It was purchased after the exhibit by the Lt. Governor of Kentucky, Samuel Thruston Ballard to be put on display at the Louisville Free Public Library Museum. In 1937, a flood damaged many museum exhibits including the mummy, which was crushed under a piano. It was eventually restored to the viewing public. In 1977, the mummy was relocated to what is now Kentucky Science Center for display. In 2000, the mummy was placed in the museum's collections storage area until 2005. During that time, it was analyzed by the Louisville Baptist Hospital East, where it was discovered that the heart and brain had not been removed. The resulting studies were made public for the museums exhibition release entitled the "World Around Us".

No further identification of the mummy has been possible at this time.