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Coordinates: 55°52′23″N 4°16′55″W / 55.873°N 4.282°W / 55.873; -4.282

Outside area (now closed) and former entrance to Tchai-Ovna, which now has a new entrance

Tchai-Ovna is a speciality tea-house and music venue situated in the West End of Glasgow. They are known to serve "alternative" teas.[1][2] They also serve vegetarian and vegan food and allow the rental of Hookah pipes. Tchai-Ovna also provides a place for music, poetry readings and dramatic performances and an arts exhibition space for talented local artists.[3] It also hosts musical events on most week days, with performances from songwriters, jazz musicians and local and world music artists.[4]

Tchai-Ovna's name is inspired by the teahouses (Čajovny) in the Czech Republic. The Glasgow venues are popular,[5] particularly with students, the elderly and members from local bands[6] Belle and Sebastian's 2003 album art for Dear Catastrophe Waitress was shot in Tchai-Ovna's West End venue.

Tchai-Ovna may be forced to close by a proposed new development of luxury flats on Otago Lane. A community campaign to save Otago Lane is attempting to defend it.[7]

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