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Tchaikovsky /ˈkɒfski/ and its feminine variant Tchaikovskaya is a most common transliteration (via French language) of the Russian language surname Чайковский. The surname itself is a Russian-language variant of the Polish noble family name Czajkowski.

Other transliterations include Tschaikowski (German) Ciajkovskij (Italian), Tsjaikovski (Dutch), Csajkovszkij (Hungarian), Chaikovski (Spanish), Tjajkovskij (Swedish), Tsjajkovskij (Norwegian), and Tšaikovski (Finnish). It has also been rendered as Tchaikovski, Chaikovsky, Chaykovsky, Chaikovskiy, Chaykovskiy and Chaikovskii. Among Slavic languages which use the Latin alphabet, it frequently occurs in its Polish version, Czajkowski, or as Čajkovskij (Czech/Slovak) and Čajkovski (Slovenian/Croatian/Bosnian)/(چ-کوردیایکۆفسکی).

The surname as transliterated into other languages may refer to the following persons. For the original, Polish spelling, see Czajkowski (surname).

  • (1935–1982) André Tchaikowsky (also Andrzej Czajkowski; born Robert Andrzej Krauthammer), Polish classical pianist and composer
  • (fl. 2008–) Adrian Tchaikovsky, British fantasy writer of Polish extraction
  • (1925–1996) Boris Tchaikovsky, Russian classical composer
  • (born 1950) Bram Tchaikovsky, English lead vocalist and guitarist for the eponymous power pop band; original name Peter Bramall
  • (1893–1938) Kasyan Chaykovsky, Russian military commander; comcor in World War I; executed in Stalinist purge; rehabilitated 1956
  • (1850–1916) Modest Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Russian playwright and opera librettist; brother of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  • (1851–1926) Nikolai Tchaikovsky, Russian writer of influential revolutionary socialist tracts

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