Tchicala Tcholohanga

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Tchicala Tcholohanga
Chicala Choloanga
Municipality and town
Tchicala Tcholohanga is located in Angola
Tchicala Tcholohanga
Tchicala Tcholohanga
Location in Angola
Coordinates: 12°46′8″S 15°27′41″E / 12.76889°S 15.46139°E / -12.76889; 15.46139Coordinates: 12°46′8″S 15°27′41″E / 12.76889°S 15.46139°E / -12.76889; 15.46139
Country  Angola
Province Huambo
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)

Tchicala Tcholohanga is a town and municipality in the province of Huambo, Angola.[1]

It is 4380 km² and has approximately 72,000 inhabitants. It is bordered to the north by the municipality of Bailundo, the east by the municipality of Catchiungo, the south by the municipality of Cuvango and Chipindo, and to the west by the city of Huambo. It comprises the municipalities of Mbave, Tchicala-Tcholoanga, Sambo and Hungulo.


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