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Te Awanga is a small beachside town in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. Te Awanga is near Cape Kidnappers, which has a renown Gannet Bird Colony.[1]

The Beach[edit]

St Francis Church in Te Awanga

Te Awanga is a town that is just smaller than Haumoana, which is further down the Bay beach from Napier. The town was developed as a holiday settlement. There are shops, cafes and wineries located nearby to the town. Activities which are common at Te Awanga include fishing, swimming, surfing and boating. Surfing is popular when large easterly swells move into the Bay. The 18 hole world famous Cape Kidnappers Golf Course is located near Te Awanga.[2]


Te Awanga is located at 39°S 177°E on Hawke Bay on the east coast of New Zealand. The town is located sixteen kilometres south of the centre of Napier and twelve kilometres east of the centre of Hastings. It is ten kilometres west of Cape Kidnappers. The road towards Cape Kidnappers, Clifton Road, passes through Te Awanga on its way to Clifton.


Te Awanga is located in an area which is highly prone to coastal erosion and is facing severe erosion problems. The Te Awanga shoreline is constantly being eroded away by stormy seas and high tides. The long term shoreline retreat due to erosion caused by the sea at Te Awanga is on average between 0.30m and 0.70m per year, which is approximately the same erosion rate faced at Haumoana.[3]


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Coordinates: 39°38′S 176°59′E / 39.633°S 176.983°E / -39.633; 176.983