Tea Table Key

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Aerial view of the causeway and bridge just southwest of Lower Matecumbe Key. Teatable Key is in the upper left. A short road from US-1 leads to a private area.

Teatable Key also known as "Terra's Key" is an island in the upper Florida Keys.

It is located on U.S. 1 at mile marker 75.

All of the key is within the Villages of Islamorada as of November 4, 1997, when it was incorporated.

The island lies to the southwest of Upper Matecumbe Key, and to the northeast of Lower Matecumbe Key.

There is a small public beach on the island and the entrance to a private road that leads to a residence.

The Island is also known as Terra's Key and is available for rent at Terraskey.com

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Coordinates: 24°53′47″N 80°39′44″W / 24.896373°N 80.66219°W / 24.896373; -80.66219