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Brazier style of tea stove

A tea stove is a specialized type of Chinese brazier or stove designed to boil water.[1]


The basic brazier (Chinese: 風爐) has been made of different materials and shapes throughout Chinese history. Lu Yu had a special brazier designed just for heating water for tea,[1] which is described in The Classic of Tea.[2] The Pictorial of Tea Ware (Chinese: 茶具图赞), compiled by The Old Man Shenan (Chinese: 审安老人) c. 1269, is the earliest picture book on tea ware, and it depicts several types of tea stoves.

The bamboo stove also became very popular. One example of a type of bamboo stove is kujiejun (Chinese: 苦節(节)君). These were popular during Song Dynasty and Tang Dynasty and could include a bamboo windscreen which would fit on top of the brazier.


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