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Teacha Dee
Teacha Dee in France June 8th, 2019.jpeg
Teacha Dee, 8 June 2019 (France)
Background information
Birth nameDamion Darrel Warren
Also known asTeach, Teacha Dee, Teacher Dee, Teacha D
Born (1980-09-21) 21 September 1980 (age 39)
OriginWestmoreland, Jamaica
GenresReggae, dancehall, reggae fusion,
Occupation(s)Musician, Songwriter, deejay, Producer, Educator
InstrumentsKeyboard, bass guitar
Years activeLate 2005–present
WebsiteTeacha Dee

Damion Darrel Warren (born 21 September 1980), best known as Teacha Dee, is a Jamaican reggae singer and former educator. He is best known for his hit singles "Smoke and Fly", "Reggae Souljahs" and "Smuggling Weed". He was a full-time employee for the Ministry of Education Youth and Culture in Jamaica when he recorded all three songs. His stage name was derived from the Jamaican creole for "teacher" and a shortening of his childhood nickname "Demus".[1][2][3]

Early life and education[edit]

Warren was born on 21 September 1980 in Westmoreland, Jamaica. He grew up in a little district called Bath where he attended the Unity Primary School. Being successful in his Common Entrance Exams, he was rewarded a place at the prestigious Manning's School from which he graduated in 1997 before relocating to Montego Bay to live with his mother. Warren then attended the Sam Sharpe Teachers College secondary programme to pursue his teaching career.

Teaching career[edit]

In September 2000, Warren was employed by the Ministry of Education Youth and Culture to teach Mathematics, Integrated Science and Information Communication Technology. He worked at the Glendevon Primary and Junior High School located in Montego Bay, up until his resignation in May 2012, to pursue entertainment.[1]

Music career[edit]

In May 2005, Teacha Dee began his professional recordings with The Mighty Powpow Productions a major German production label. He recorded "Life Goes on" which is a reggae song sung in the melody of The Beatles hit "[Ob La Di]". This song was released in 2006 as part of a compilation CD titled "First Sight Riddim". However, "life goes on" was not published as "Teacha Dee" but as "Damian Warren". This resulted in the song been listed on many reggae database sites as belonging to a separate artiste.[1][2][3]

In late 2006, he recorded a song titled "Them A Play" for Dasvibes Productions. This was released on a riddim compilation called "Gloria Riddim". The single was the first song on which he was officially recognized as "Teacha Dee". All songs recorded after this date were released as Teacha Dee and not his given name.

Teacha Dee Ras Tafarian Picture

In 2007, he recorded "Smuggling Weed" for Powpow Movements which became his first popular song within the European scene. However, his most successful song at that time was "Smoke and Fly". This was recorded as a sound system dub on the "Kingston Town" instrumental made popular by an Italian reggae superstar Alberto Dascola aka Alborosie. This song" quickly became a sound system's favorite and a huge hit within the reggae clubs.

Early 2008, Teacha Dee recorded "Blaming Game" for Master J Productions. This was a record label based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. "Blaming Game" was the first single that was in circulation on the radio stations in Jamaica. Prior to this, his music was gaining a lot of attention outside of Jamaica without the knowledge of many Jamaicans and the Ministry of Education. Teacha Dee also recorded "Reggae Souljahs" later that same year that quickly became a popular reggae anthem in Germany. This song was produced by Rootdown Records and released on a various artiste compilation called "Ilove Riddim". In August 2008, Teacha Dee started his own label called "Tenfloor Records".

After some years of study, Teacha Dee accepted the Ras Tafari way of life in June 2010. This brought about a remarkable change in the messages in his music as well as his overall image. In August 2010, he began to focus on his own production company and produced his first collaboration titled "what i pray". This song features 'Determine', an artiste famous for a massive hit with Beenie Man. Teacha Dee released two various artiste compilations quickly after on his label. These were "Hot Box Riddim" and "Thirteen Riddim" both released in late 2010 and early 2011 respectively.

Teacha Dee Rastafarian Picture as of April 2013

In the summer of 2011, Teacha Dee embarked on his first European tour during his vacation leave from teaching. This tour gave a strong boost to his career on the international scene. The people who loved his songs, could now put a face to his music. His first tour included appearances at Yaam and Insel Clubs in Berlin, Faust in Hannover, Magnapop in Krefeld, Petit Prince and Lüxor in Köln, Rude 7 in Mannheim, Kulturfabrik in Hildeshiem, Wagen Bau in Hamburg and U-club in Wupertal. The highlight of his tour was his performance at the prestigious Reggaejam Festival in Bersenbrück, Germany.[4]

During this trip Teacha Dee recorded for several producers. "Symbiz Productions" based in Germany, "Catchy Grezzly" based in Italy and "Soul Force Music" also based in Germany. In October 2011 immediately after his first tour, Teacha Dee released his debut album entitled "Reggae Souljahs: Beating Babylon With Music". This album was released on his own independent record label.

In April 2012, Teacha Dee returned to Europe for a mini tour. On this trip, he performed in Cantu Italy, Bern Switzerland and Oldenburg Germany. He also did repeated performances in Osnabruck and Mannheim. It was during this time he recorded a collaboration with 'Skarra Mucci' entitled "Summer Time" for "Weedy G SoundForce" a Swiss-based label. This was how his affiliation with Weedy G Soundforce for whom he recorded many singles began. In May 2012, Teacha Dee recorded "Sound System" for Reggaeville/Oneness Productions both based in Germany. He also worked with producers such as "Catchy Greezly" based in Italy, Jugglers Music and Deebuzz Music both based in Germany. A total of 12 singles were released that same year for various producers including his own record label.

In August 2013, Teacha Dee and Utan Green collaborated on a single entitled "Reggae Show" on the " Reggae Jam Riddim" which was released at the 19th staging of the Reggae Jam festival held in Bersenbruck, Germany. Teacha Dee was a headliner for this festival.[5]

On 4 July 2014, "Party Day" recorded for Germany-based upcoming producers "Dancehallrulerz" made it to the number one spot on the official German reggae charts. This chart presented by Jugglerz radio and Riddim Magazine, was the official Reggae chart of Germany. "Party Day" held the number one spot on two separate occasions. It went down the charts for a short time before returning to number one spot a few days later. These charts numbered 30/2014 and 33/2014 were posted on 26 August and 22 September respectively.[6][7]

In July 2015, Teacha Dee released his first artiste mix-tape titled "Rasta Ting". It consisted of 26 tracks which were released within the European market and was presented by Europe's female sound sensation, Big Mama Sound. In that same month at the 21st staging of the Reggae Jam Festival in Bersenbruck, Teacha Dee's performance was reviewed as "one of the most reviting" by irieites.de. Their list of highlights also included David Rodigan, Anthony B, Alpheus, Ken Boothe, Winston Francis and Bitty McLean.[8][9][10]

In 2016, Teacha Dee released a total of ten singles. The most successful of these were; "Jah Jah is calling" on the Pac Man Riddim, "Concrete Grave" on the After Berlin Wall Riddim and "Rastafari Way" on the Horn of Africa Riddim. Teacha Dee's major hit of 2016 was "Rastafari Way" which spent 14 days on Beatport's top 100 reggae/dub chart peaking at 44. Another solid performer was "Concrete Grave" which was selected in the top 100 reggae hits of 2016 by Zonareggae.ro based in Romania.[11][1][2][12][13]



Studio Albums
Title Release date Label Format
Reggae Souljahs: Beating Babylon With Music 31 October 2011 TenFloor Records Digital Distribution
Rastafari Way[14][15][16] 17 March 2017 TenFloor Records Digital Distribution


Title Label Release year Format
”Smoke and Fly" Fast Forward 2007 7-inch Vinyl
”Revolution" La Familia Wes 2007 7-Inch Vinyl
”If You Have it Hard" Master J Productions 2007 7-Inch Vinyl
”Reggae Soljah" Rootdown Music 2008 7-Inch Vinyl
”All Him Soldiers" Jah Beat 2008 7-Inch Vinyl
”The System" DasVibes Productions 2009 Digital Distribution
”What I Pray" Tenfloor Records 2010 Digital Distribution
”Crazy Vibes" Jamaican Connexion 2010 Digital Distribution
”Smoke and Fly"- (Remake) Tenfloor Records 2010 Digital Distribution
”Ganja We Love" Lieders of the New School 2011 Digital Distribution
”Exclusive Song" Tenfloor Records 2012 Digital Distribution
”Gal Segment" Tenfloor Records 2012 Digital Distribution
”Long Day" Tenfloor Records/Weedy G SoundForce 2013 Digital Distribution
”Rastafari Rise" House of Riddim 2014 Digital Distribution
”Iron A Wail" Irie Ites Music 2014 7-Inch Vinyl
”Meck It Rock" La Familia Wes 2015 Digital Distribution
”Rebels Coming" Jamrockvybz Records/VPAL Music 2017 Digital Distribution
”Forward Black Man" Giddimani Records 2017 Digital Distribution

Various Artists Compilations[edit]

Various Artists Compilations
Artist Title Song/s Release date Label
Various Artists Gloria Riddim ”Them a Play" 2006 DasVibes Productions
Various Artists First Sight Riddim "Life Goes On" 2006 Pow Pow Productions
Various Artists Wes Roc Riddim ”Revolution" 2007 La Familia Wes
Various Artists Wild West Riddim ”If yuh have it hard" 2007 Master J. Productions
Various Artists Ovastand Riddim ”Smuggling Weed" 2007 Pow Pow Productions
Various Artists Ice Ice Riddim vol. II ”Leading Cause of Death" 2007 Reggae Town Records
Various Artists True Life Riddim ”Blaming Game" 2008 Master J Productions
Various Artists ilove Riddin Pt.2 ”Reggae Soljahs" 2008 Rootdown Records
Various Artists TNT Riddim ”The System" 2009 DasVibes Productions
Various Artists Hotbox Riddim ”Within My Soul" 2010 Tenfloor Records
Various Artists Thirteen Riddim ”Everywhere" , ”Mr. Thirteen" 2010 Tenfloor Records
Various Artists Napoli Riddim ”Jah Guide and Keep You" 2012 Vaporetto Sound
Various Artists Dark Fader Riddim (German Edition) ”Rasta Ting" 2012 Boomrush Productions
Various Artists Dark Fader (Acoustic Edition) ”Rasta Ting (Acoustic)” 2012 Boomrush Productions
Various Artists Reggaeville Riddim ”Sound System" 2012 Oneness Records
Various Artists Sweet Sour Riddim ”I Will Try Again" 2012 Greezzly Productions
Various Artists Roadster Riddim ”Welcome to the Summer"(with Skarra Mucci) 2012 Weedy G Soundforce
Various Artists Zero Degreez Riddim ”Gal Dem Wha We" 2012 Tenfloor Records
Various Artists Naughty Wifey Riddim ”Freedom" 2012 Dee Buzz Sound
Various Artists Kickdown Riddim ”Spliff and Beer" 2012 Jugglerz Records
Various Artists Jump Up Riddim ”Just Weed" 2012 Weedy G Soundforce
Various Artists Event Riddim ”So Me Like It" 2013 Weedy g Soundforce
Various Artists Love Is Universal Riddim ”High Hopes" 2013 Soulove Records
Various Artists Come Down Again Riddim ”Can’t Kill Easy" 2013 Weedy G Soundforce
Various Artists OneFourFive ”All Alone"(with Symbiz) 2013 Rootdown Records
Various Artists Arise and Shine Riddim ”Lady in Black" 2013 Weedy G Soundforce
Various Artists The War Riddim EP ”The Blessings" 2013 Weedy G Soundforce
Various Artists Blazing Faya Riddim ”Change Within" 2013 GMC Music Productions
Various Artists OneFourFive ”All Alone"-(Feat. Symbiz) 2013 Rootdown Records
Various Artists The Nairobi Riddim ”War Big Business" 2013 MKZWO-RECORDS
Various Artists Big Vibez Riddim ”Blaze A Fire" 2013 Weedy G Soundforce/VPAL Music
Various Artists Reggae Jam Riddim ”Reggae Show"-(feat. Utan Green) 2013 House of Riddim Productions
Various Artists Casiotone Riddim ”One Champion" 2013 Weedy G Soundforce
Various Artists Sleng Teng 2014 ”Mash Up The Club" 2014 Weedy G Soundforce
Various Artists New Boxing Riddim ”Help" 2014 Soulove Records
Various Artists Swing Heavy Riddim ”Forward Inna Di Dance"-(Feat. Skarra Mucci) 2014 Itation Records/Bizzarri Records
Various Artists Rise ”We Nuh Fraid"-(Feat. Perfect Giddimani) 2014 Weedy G Soundfore/VPAL Music
Various Artists Boat Riddim ”Haters Gwey" 2014 Francesco Salteri (Greezzly Productions)
Various Artists Sunscreen Riddim Selection ”Party Day" 2014 DancehallRulerz
Various Artists Onion Jerk Riddim ”Shell it down" 2014 Bikini Ape
Various Artists Squeeze Riddim ”Evil Ones" 2015 Weedy G Soundforce/VPAL Music
Various Artists Joyful Soul Riddim ”Dwello" 2015 Francesco Salteri (Greezzly Productions)
Various Artists Better Run Riddim ”Medication"-(Feat. Skarra Mucci, Don Tippa) 2015 Dub Inc
Various Artists Believe Riddim – EP ”See Saw" 2015 Sazzah Studio Records
Various Artists Aquarious Riddim ”Easy To Love" 2015 Francesco Salteri (Greezzly Productions)
Various Artists Surfer’s Big Wave Motivation Soundtrack ”See Saw" 2016 Peace Tunes
Various Artists Pac Man Riddim ”Jah Jah Is Calling" 2016 Kathmandu Productions/House of Riddim
Various Artists Bay Area Riddim ”Traffic Light Dread" 2016 Giddimani Records
Various Artists Colorful Side Riddim ”Power Hungry" 2016 Tidouz Productions
Various Artists Roots & Kulcha Riddim ”Suppen Nuh Right" 2016 Francesco Salteri (Greezzly Productions)
Various Artists After Berlin Wall Riddim ”Concrete Grave" 2016 Martin Kugler (Papa Noah Productions)
Various Artists Reelz ”Get So High"-(With Perfect Giddimani, Don Tippa, Skarra Mucci) 2016 Weedy G Soundforce/VPAL Music
Various Artists Sicknature Riddim Selection ”Stones and Gems" 2016 Boomrush Productions
Various Artists Horn of Africa Riddim ”Rastafari Way" 2016 Giddimani Records
Various Artists Lionrock Riddim ”Show Respect" 2016 Liontown Records
Various Artists Zion Bound Riddim ”Lightning Earthquake and Thunder" 2016 Francesco Salteri (Greezzly Productions)
Various Artists Danger Zone Riddim ”Do Today" 2016 House of Riddim
Various Artists Burnhard Spliffington Riddim ”Emperor Selassie" 2017 Giddimani Records
Various Artists Nike Ear Riddim ”Home Owner" 2017 Giddimani Records
Various Artists Kenyakibera Riddim ”Walk Away" 2017 Giddimani Records
Various Artists Agogo Riddim ”Poor People" (Don Tippa) 2017 Roots Rebel Sound
Various Artists Nugs & Kisses Riddim ”Calm Down" 2017 Giddimani Records
Various Artists Like The Wind Riddim ”Mankind" 2017 Catchy Record
Various Artists Hot Fire Riddim ”One Big Stone" 2017 Evidence Music
Various Artists Jah Sazzah Presents Get Up Riddim ”Fed Up" 2017 Sazzah Studio Records


Artist Title Song/s Release date Label
Symbiz Thursday Sessions ”Beat Babylon" , "Ev'rywhere" 2011 Rootdown Records
Lady N N'Cognito ”Only You" 2012 Boomrush Productions
Symbiz OneFourFive ”All Alone" 2013 Rootdown Records
Skarra Mucci Greater Than Great ”Forward Inna Di Dance", "Red" 2014 Undisputed Records/Rawkaz Clan
Chucky Fully Loaded ChuckyFullyLoaded & Prince Su ”Jah Jah We Pray" , "Good Day" 2014 Fully Loaded Inc
Meli One Through My Beats (Deluxe Edition)’’ ”The Street Is on Fire", "Got It (Remix)" 2014 New Generation Music Group
King Ital Rebel Good Vybz ”Rebels Coming" 2017 Jamrockvybz Records/VPAL Music
Perfect Giddimani Live My Life Again ”Positive Energy" 2017 Giddimani Records/House of Riddim
King Ital Rebel OG Summer ”No Guns" 2017 Jamrockvybz Records/VPAL Music

Official Mixtapes[edit]

  • 2015: Rasta Tingpresent by Big Mama Sound

Mixtapes Appearances[edit]

  • 2005: Young and Sexy Vol 9 DJ L and DJ Suss one
  • 2006: Young and Sexy Vol 10DJ L and DJ Suss One
  • 2008: Bad Boys, We Run ThisUrban World Wireless and Bad Boy Records
  • 2009: Rise to the topDJ Mess and Ghetto Youth Sounds
  • 2009: Austriamaica Vol 1by Chiquitaman and San Clemente

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