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Natural ~mi mo kokoro mo~ (ナチュラル みもこころも?, lit. Natural ~body and the mind~) is an erotic romance adventure video game published by F&C Co.,Ltd. under the FAIRYTALE label.


  • Haruhiko Shimotsuki (霜月 春彦?, Shimosuki Haruhiko)
Player character, and temporary teacher of Seiwa female school.
  • Chitose Misawa (美澤 千歳?, Misawa Chitose)
Mariko's sister.
  • Hotori Kawada (河田 穂鳥?, Kawada Hotori)
Chitose's classmate.
  • Yuwa Izumi (出水 由羽?, Izumi Yuwa)
Chitose's classmate.
  • Itsuki Tagami (多上 愛姫?, Tagami Itsuki)
English teacher and Haruhiko's co-worker.
  • Mariko Misawa (美澤 万里子?, Misawa Mariko)
Chitose's sister and classmate of Haruhiko.


Teacher's Pet
Genre Hentai
Original video animation
Directed by Kan Fukumoto[1]
Studio Fairyland, Green Bunny
Released February 25, 1999
Runtime 29 minutes
Episodes 4
Original video animation
Natural2 DUO (ナチュラル2 デュオ)
Directed by Kinji Yoshimoto
Studio Fairyland, Green Bunny
Released November 25, 2001
Runtime 29 minutes
Episodes 4
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Teacher's Pet (ナチュラル?, Nachuraru, lit. Natural) is a hentai anime about a student, Chitose, and her professor, Haruhiko, whom she loves and with whom she has a sexual relationship. However, there are certain circumstances that put their relationship in jeopardy, such as Haruhiko being the ex-boyfriend of Chitose's older sister, and Haruhiko being old enough to be Chitose's father. Tension begins to arise when Haruhiko begins to fall for a fellow teacher at school.

Anime 18 had released both VHS and DVD versions by October 2001.[2][3] Kitty Media released a DVD February 17, 2009.[4]


The following novels were written by Mariko Shimizu, and published by Paradigm Novels.


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