Teachers' trade unions in the United Kingdom

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Teachers' trade unions in the United Kingdom are trade unions for teachers operating in the United Kingdom.

Due to the differing education systems in the UK, most unions only organise in certain parts of the country and some focus on certain members of staff, such as headteachers. Teaching is an unusual profession in that it does not have one leading union, but has many different ones, often with differing aims. Having said that, the NUT, NASUWT and ATL jointly represent the vast majority of teachers in England and Wales, while the EIS represents the majority of teachers in Scotland.

List of teachers' trade unions[edit]

The table below lists all the UK's registered teachers' unions, with details of establishment, membership, where they organise and the types of members they accept:

Full name Short name Established Members[1] England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales Channel Islands & Isle of Man[2] Teachers School leaders Teaching assistants
Association of Headteachers and Deputes in Scotland AHDS 1975 1,385[3] Yes Yes
Association of School and College Leaders ASCL 1977 15,043[4] Yes Yes Yes Secondary only
Association of Teachers and Lecturers ATL 1978 121,425[5] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Educational Institute of Scotland EIS 1847 59,371[6] Yes Yes Yes
Irish National Teachers' Organisation INTO 1868 6,842[7] Yes Yes Yes
National Association of Head Teachers NAHT 1897 27,988[8] Yes Yes Yes Yes
National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers NASUWT 1976 282,890[9] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
National Union of Teachers NUT 1870 308,569[10] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
School Leaders Scotland SLS 1936 Part of the ASCL Yes Secondary only
Scottish Primary Teachers' Association SPTA 2011 Did not exist Yes Primary only Primary only
Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association SSTA 1944 6,609[11] Yes Secondary only Secondary only
Ulster Teachers' Union UTU 1919 6,429[12] Yes Yes Yes
Undeb Cenedlaethol Athrawon Cymru UCAC 1940 3,879[13] Yes Yes Yes
Voice 1970 20,124[14] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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