Teachers 3: A New Term

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Teachers: A New Term
Teachers new term.JPG
Soundtrack album by
various artists
Released2 December 2002
LabelChannel 4
various artists chronology
Teachers 2: Back To School
Teachers: A New Term
Teachers 4: Top of the Class

Teachers 3: New Term is the official soundtrack, on the Channel 4 label, of the third series of British television comedy-drama series Teachers.

This album contains music by various artists, heard in the show itself.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Come Back Around" by Feeder
  2. "The Bitter End" by Placebo
  3. "Evening of the Day" by Supergrass
  4. "Beautiful" by Athlete
  5. "Fractions and Feeling" by Stephen Malkmus
  6. "Natalie and Nucy" by Papa Garcia
  7. "Pack It In" by Kid Galahad
  8. "Up the Bracket" by The Libertines
  9. "Get Free" by The Vines
  10. "You Got My Number" by The Jeevas
  11. "A Modern Way of Letting Go" by Idlewild
  12. "I Live for Speed" by Star Spangles
  13. "Good to Me" by Brendan Benson
  14. "Jerk It Out" by Caesars
  15. "Stuck on the Street at Minus Ten" by Basement
  16. "Take It Off" by The Donnas
  17. "Bigger Wheels" by I Am Kloot
  18. "21st Century Rip Off" by Soundtrack of Our Lives

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