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Teachers College Press
Teachers College Press Logo 2.jpg
Parent companyTeachers College, Columbia University
FounderTeachers College, Columbia University
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationNew York, New York
DistributionBaker & Taylor Publisher Services (US)[1]
UTP Guidance Centre (Canada)
Eurospan Group (rest of world)[2]
Nonfiction topicsEducation
Official websitetcpress.com teacherscollegepress.com

Teachers College Press is the University press of Teachers College, Columbia University. Founded in 1904,[3] Teachers College Press has published professional and classroom materials for over a century and currently publishes more than 60 books a year.


  • 1889: The City of New York grants a provisional charter to found a college for the training of teachers.
  • 1892: The New York College for the Training of Teachers changes its name to Teachers College and receives a permanent charter.
  • 1898: Teachers College affiliates with Columbia University.
  • 1904: The Bureau of Publications is established as the official professional publishing agency for Teachers College.
  • 1965: The Bureau of Publications is renamed Teachers College Press.
  • 1971: Teachers College Press is admitted into the American Association of University Presses.


Director Tenure
1. Hamden Forkner 1959–1966
2. John Calan 1967–1970
3. Robert P. Bletter 1971–1976
4. Frank Jennings 1976–1977
5. Thomas Rotell 1978–1983
6. Carole Saltz 1983 – present

Notable authors[edit]

Teachers College Press features works from authors including:

Richard Allington, Jean Anyon, Michael Apple, Arthur Applebee, William Ayers, James A. Banks, David Berliner, Elizabeth Cohen, Linda Darling-Hammond, Eleanor Duckworth, Elliot Eisner, Richard Elmore, Reuven Feuerstein, Michelle Fine, Susan Fuhrman, Michael Fullan, Maxine Greene, Andy Hargreaves, Kevin Kumashiro, Gloria Ladson-Billings, Deborah Meier, Susan Neuman, Sonia Nieto, Nel Noddings, Marc Prensky, Seymour Sarason, Frank Smith, and Joel Westheimer.


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