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Teague may refer to:




  • Teague Moore (born 1976), wrestler and coach, 1998 NCAA Champion
  • Teague Rook, Australian television and film actor best known for his role as Steve Everson in the Australian children's television drama series Silversun

Fictional character[edit]


Other uses[edit]

  • Teague (company), industrial design firm from Seattle, Washington
  • Taig or more currently Teague, a religious slur used by pro-British loyalists in Northern Ireland and Scotland in referring to Irish Roman Catholics.
  • Teague v. Lane, 489 U.S. 288 (1989), a United States Supreme Court case dealing with the application of newly announced rules of law in habeas corpus proceedings
  • Teague Middle School, an A+ rated school located in Altamonte Springs Florida

See also[edit]

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  • Tadhg, often Anglicized as Teague and sometimes as Tim, an Irish name that was very common in the past
  • Teague (plural Teagues) An Irishman (slang from 1913 edition of Webster’s Dictionary; a notable example was John Adams defending British Army soldiers responsible for the 1770 Boston Massacre following the Boston Tea Party.)