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Origin Boulder, Colorado, United States
Genres Indie rock, indie pop, electropop, twee pop
Years active 2005–2008
Labels Mighty Pop Music, Still Soft Recordings, Digital Cloud
Associated acts Shaky Molars, Perfumeman, Bad Weather California, iji
Members Chuck Potashner

teamAWESOME! is an electropop band with twee sensibilities based in Boulder, Colorado. They are known for their energetic stage presence, which involves props, lightly choreographed dances and audience participation.[1] Their songs tend to have upbeat, childish themes, such as slides, pirates, hand-holding, and rocket ships. teamAWESOME! has been described as "pure, sloppy, fun '00s bedroom pop"[2] and is self-described as "a retro band from the future."[3]

The band originated in 2005 with two members, Chuck Potashner and Kara Jorge. Since then it has had many line up changes (including a period with nine members), though Potashner had always been the frontman and primary songwriter. Potashner's songs have been characterized as "whimsical" and "richly imagined."[4] In late 2005, the band released their first CD, Greatest Hits! Vol 1! on Still Soft Recordings, a DIY record label in Denver, Colorado.[5] The project was partially funded by winnings from placing first at the University of Colorado Battle of the Bands 2005. They have completed four tours of the western United States, preferring to play shows that are all-ages and/or in DIY spaces.

Throughout their shows and tours, teamAWESOME! played with The Presidents of the United States of America, Girl Talk, Health, An Albatross, Gravy Train!!!!, Matt & Kim, Tally Hall, Thunderbirds Are Now!, Aqueduct, Dressy Bessy, Mount Eerie and others.


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Albums and EPs[edit]

  • Greatest Hits! Vol. 1! (Still Soft Recordings; CD; 2005)
1. Oh My!
2. Cars!
3. Your Smile!
4. Slide!
5. Best Part of the Year!
6. Pirates!
7. Let's Sing a Song!
8. Gossip!
9. Hugs!
10. Split Pea Soup!
11. Rocketship!
12. Fort!
13. Sun!
14. Love Song!
15. teamAWESOME!
16. Zuper! Tekno! Danse! Party! Party!
17. Oh My! (Nato Remix)
18. Best Part of the Year! (Naked Sounds Remix)
19. Gossip! (Bloodbath Remix)
20. Slide! (Nato Remix)
21. Cars! (Acoustic Version by Nate)
1. Yr Fur!
2. Oh Ship!
3. teamNASA!
4. Get Pumped!
5. Heck Yeah!
6. Scrabble!
7. Robot!
8. Unlisted Track (sometimes called Sleepover!)
1. Hide N Seek!
2. Pomegranates! (Featuring iji)
3. 12 Times! (Featuring Laura Goldhamer)
4. Lobster!
5. Boo! (Featuring The Kissing Party)
6. Pegasi!
7. Train! (Featuring Paper Bird)
8. Weeping Willow!
9. Running Away!
10. Birthday!
11. Friendly Friend!
12. Red Dunes!
13. Hide n' Seek! (Ultra! Rainbow! MIDI! Premix!)

Compilation Appearances[edit]

  • Still Soft Recordings (Still Soft Recordings; CD; 2005) - contains "Oh My!"
  • Firsts (Digital Cloud Records; CD; 2007) - contains "Running Away!"
  • Adventure Records Cuvée Volume 5 (Adventure Records; CD; 2008) - contains "Hide n' Seek!"


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