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Industry Technology
Founded 2009
Founder Andrew Berkowitz, Dave DuPont, Matt Triplett, Traci Smolen, Terry Taylor
Headquarters Boulder, Colorado, United States

TeamSnap provides online organizational services and mobile applications for sports teams and activity-based groups.[1][2][3][4][5] Through its services and mobile apps, the company helps users manage various group activities with the assistance of email, text-messaging, and other features.[1][2][3][4][6][7] The company is headquartered in Boulder, CO, alongside numerous other startups in the city’s burgeoning tech scene.[1][8][9] As of 2015, the company has approximately nine million users in 195 countries.[3][7][9][10][11]

In 2010, TeamSnap was named an "Official Honoree" in the Webby Awards.[12] TeamSnap became a Smart 25 award winner in 2013 for its growth-oriented mobile approach.[13][14]


TeamSnap was originally created by the Portland-based web design firm Sparkplug, and spun off into a separate company as TeamSnap LLC.[15][16] The web-based beta product launched to the public in May, 2007.[17][18] In 2009, Dave DuPont joined as CEO and the company re-incorporated as TeamSnap, Inc. TeamSnap left beta with a freemium revenue model later that year and continued to add features to the web-based product, as well as later adding iOS and Android apps, as well as support for leagues.[19] Dave DuPont was responsible for providing part of the company’s initial funding.[1][2][20]

Growth and investors[edit]

In 2009 TeamSnap began a funding round that closed in June 2010 at $700,000. The company used the funds to develop its initial marketing efforts and to accelerate development.[1][4][5] The company would see 400 percent revenue growth in 2010 overall.[4][21] In 2011 the company raised an additional $910,000 from Trinity Ventures and eonBusiness, among others.[1][3]

In April 2012 TeamSnap announced it had reached one million users.[22] One of these users was West Ottawa Soccer who began using TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues in August 2012, offering the team management tools to each team in the association.[23]

In early 2013 TeamSnap announced that it had raised $2.75 million from Canadian media company Torstar, as well as eonBusiness, Trinity Ventures, Toba Capital and others.[3][7][10][21] Soon after, TeamSnap acquired the sports social networking site Weplay, increasing its users to nearly five million.[6][9][11][24] The following month, In June 2013, TeamSnap also acquired Rteamsite from Quality Coaching, which provides coaches and managers with sports league and team website management solutions.[25]

The Olim Soccer League of Israel, composed of immigrants and devoted to helping them in the integration process, began using TeamSnap in 2013.[26] The league has eight co-ed teams representing five Israeli states.[27]


TeamSnap offers its app in three differently priced tiers. The first tier is a free, entry-level plan which allows organized sports teams to keep track of practice times and locations, game information, and team rosters. The service is accessible online and through mobile apps.[11][28] The next application tier is the basic model, which additionally allows users to organize availability, payment tracking, refreshment scheduling, photo uploading, and email reminders.[28] The third option, the premium model, includes features such as team and player statistics, weather forecasts, and page customization.[28]

While the TeamSnap service is geared towards organized sports teams, it is applicable to many other organizations, including Boy Scouts, book clubs, and supper clubs.[5]


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