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TeamTalk 5 client application on Windows
TeamTalk 5 client application on Windows
Original author(s)
Initial releaseApril 2003; 16 years ago (2003-04)
Stable release
5.3.3 / November 15, 2018; 8 months ago (2018-11-15)
Operating systemWindows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android
TypeConferencing software
LicenseProprietary, freeware

TeamTalk is a conferencing system which people use to communicate on the Internet using VoIP and video streaming.

The TeamTalk conferencing system consists of a server and client application. Users are required to set up their own TeamTalk server before they can use the system. The TeamTalk server is available for Mac OS X, Windows and the widely used Linux distributions CentOS, Debian and Raspbian. The TeamTalk client application supports the same platforms as the server[1] and additionally supports mobile platforms iOS[2] and Android.

For voice encoding TeamTalk uses OPUS and Speex audio codec. Video streams are encoded using WebM video codec.[3]


The majority of TeamTalk users are visually impaired[4][5][6] who use a screen reader for navigating in the user interface. To be as accessible as possible the TeamTalk client applications strive to only use standard window controls which can be detected by the screen reader.[7][8]


The TeamTalk client applications are being developed on the GitHub project TeamTalk5. The TeamTalk server is proprietary and its source code is therefore not available publicly.


TeamTalk is a freeware application and is available for download on popular software sites.[9] By its license, it can be run on any number of servers or clients, or redistributed without charge.[10] Developers wanting to write applications for TeamTalk must however buy a license.[11]

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